November 16, 2017

Our Team

Tammy Johnson

With over a decade of successful experience in dog rescue, Tammy is a well-seasoned canine professional, even with the most abused dog. This patience and compassion stem from her 15 years of experience as a registered nurse. Tammy was born and raised in Houston on what used to be a family-owned farm situated on over 11 acres in rural Northeast Houston.

Tammy is no stranger to animals of all kinds. Not far from her homestead is a known dog dumping area where she has rescued many animals. With a passion for alleviating suffering of all types, she began her career as a rescuer and now is launching out to live her passion through Second Family Pet Services.

As a street team member for a local rescue group, she was part of a team that feeds homeless and abandoned dogs. Documenting each dog and subsequently working hard to find a rescue or a home. Over the years she has worked with dozens of Houston rescue groups, all working toward the same goal, to save and improve the lives of all animals.