November 19, 2018

Our Philosophy

Second Family is precisely that, your second family. A safe, comfortable place where your dog can play with other dogs. The key to a happy dog is exercise, stimulation and plenty of love. But we can offer accommodations for dogs that are not quite so sociable. With two distinct play areas, your dog doesn’t have to mingle with other dogs if that is not your preference. Most facilities require extensive temperament testing, which may quickly rule out your dog. We like “quirky” dogs. Perhaps they are shy or have anxiety. Older dogs don’t particularly care for younger dogs. All dogs, just like people, have their own personality. Because we are a small, family owned business we can offer a specialized structure that fits the needs of your dog. The environment we provide is:

  • Safe
  • Personalized
  • No breed discrimination
  • Low stress
  • Affordable
  • Loving
  • Unique. We are not the average brick and mortar facility
  • We love rescue dogs and will give discounts for 501(c)3 organizations
  • Oversized crates. Dogs never share crates, even if they are family members
  • Play is individualized to meet the needs of your dog
  • Long term boarding

We live adjacent to the property where the dogs are boarded. We are out in the kennel at 5:30 am and get everyone to bed at 8:30 pm. Though the dogs do sleep in a crate, they don’t live in their crate. They are out the majority of the day. Our experience has been that dogs prefer a crate at night. All of our crates are oversized. They are den animals and especially in a new environment they enjoy the security that their “den” provides.

Second Family wants you to feel secure that your dog is safe and loved when you are away. We also don’t want you to have to spend more on boarding than you do on your vacation.